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Canada and Finland will play to be the top team in Group B on the final day of the 2014 Winter Olympics men’s ice hockey tournament. Both teams will at least make it to the qualification round, but the winner of each group is granted a bye. That extra day of rest can be the difference between winning with rest or losing while tired.

While this contest isn’t for a medal, it’s arguably the most important game of the day.

Sochi Olympic hockey Live Here

Making things interesting is the goal differential, which is used to break ties in international play. Finland has scored 14 times and has allowed five goals, while the Canadians have posted nine goals while giving up one. The two teams have almost swapped roles through the preliminary contests.

Sochi Olympic hockey Live Here

Sochi Olympic hockey Live Here
It was assumed that Canada would use firepower to blow their competition off the ice, but they’ve actually been a defensive juggernaut. Finland’s strength was supposed to be strong goaltending and a chippy offense, but so far the goals have been coming in bunches.

Sochi Olympic hockey Live Here

Will the Finns be able to continue the onslaught against Canada? Or will defense prevail in this instance? Tune in to find out.

Date: February 16
Start Time: 12 P.M. ET
Location: Sochi, Russia
TV Info: USA
Live Stream: NBC Live Extra

Sochi Olympic hockey Live Here

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